Week 2

Hands on Activity


At the end of Week 2, students need to produce their own “tote bag” by follow the tutorial step. They need to submit their “tote bag” project through you tube at the end of Week 3.


Week 3 

Submition Video Tutorial (You Tube)

Online Discussion (Dropbox)

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Introduction to Online Courseware

We have been assigned to do an online course which is related to KBSM syllabus for Visual Art Education. I have choose Silk Screen Printing as my topic. 

In this lesson, students will:

  1. Identify what is silk screen.
  2. Learn 3 process of silk screen printing which is installing screen, draw and cut image and printing process.
  3. Produce own “tote bag” which are aesthetically pleasant in composition, articulation and concept.



Week 2 : The Characteristic of 21st Century Learners

Discuss the characteristic of 21st Century Learner.

Creativity : widely recognized as the key skill of the 21st century. All students have their creative potential. Besides, creative competence can be developed and supported by thoughtful interventions.

Critical Thinking : also involves students in the process of problem solving. Mixed method interventions as well as explicit critical thinking instruction have been found to be effective. The performance of the students is based on assessment is more valid measure for critical thinking.

Collaboration : have been an important key skill of 21st century education. The value of collaboration is usually assessed based on the team building and team-based work. The ability to work effectively with others has become a critically important skill for career and life success.

Communication : communication competence involves digital communication, interpersonal, written and oral communication. Practical communication skills are needed for all students to speech language development is a key of preschool and early learning. Therefor, social and emotional learning studies address positive classroom communication interventions. 9e5059ec3123c0a0e51c605901f5c983


Week 1: Instruction, Teaching and Technology

Differentiate the terms of instruction, teaching and technology.

Instruction  involves instructors giving instructions to recipients as a process of delivering information. Instructions are usually communicated by trainers such as teachers or lecturers. As a teacher, the instructions given need to be clear and straight forward so that the students easier to receive the instructions given.

Teaching is refers to the general principles, pedagogy and management strategies used for classroom instruction. Teaching is usually based on 2 approaches of learning; students-centered approach and teacher-centered approach. Both of these teaching approaches have pros and cons to the process of teaching and learning.

Technology is a body of knowledge aimed at creating tools, processing and extraction of objects.  Technology is also an application of science to solve problems. Nowadays, technology is widely used by all people over the world. This included, the used of technology in education. Technology is used to facilitate the process of finding information for students and teachers.